Hugo House is a non-profit organization located in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill. It’s focused on supporting writers of all levels, as well as serving as a literary destination for the greater Seattle community.
For 20+ years, Hugo House offered their classes and workshops inside the space of an old home. The tone of Hugo House has shifted since moving into a modern 10,000 sq ft space from rugged diy to a polished and contemporary tone.


Though some of their quirkiness and playful tone has since followed them to their new location, an update to modernize their brand was essential to reach a larger audience.
By modernizing Hugo House as a brand, we hoped to draw in a larger crowd that might not be familiar with the non-profit. By focusing on typography and geometric shapes, we hoped to promote Hugo House’s role as a leader in the Seattle writing community.


Identifying  Hugo House’s brand concept.
After better understanding Hugo House’s mission statement and positioning, we developed three tonal territories to take the next step into understanding their brand. These territories included the words supportive, engaging, and focused. Based on our explorations, we found Hugo House was 60% supportive, 25% focused, and 15% engaging. 
This foundation provided us with a stepping stone to create our brand concept, “Where Ideas Come Together.”


Hugo House’s new logo  uses geometry to hint at a quotation mark, door, and or a book.


Keeping in mind our moodboard as well as our brand concept and tonal territories, we started with a mindmap that laid out all the ideas onto a page. We then began sketching and exausting ideas until we combined thoughts and developed their new logo.