Our narrative needs to be fueled by the right mix of science + data and empathy + emotion to help people to connect with our brand and take action. It’s the way people think and feel about the brand. Defining the brand story in terms of a formula will help drive narratives, concepts, and creative.

The words “brand” and “reputation” are often used interchangeably but there is a distinct and meaningful difference. Brand is how we present ourselves to the world through the style of photography we use, our color palette, typography, language, and tone of voice; reputation is how the world perceives us. Even so, brand and reputation are inextricably linked. Brand builds understanding; reputation builds trust and credibility. And when brand and reputation align, familiarity and favorability increase, strengthening support for us and our mission. By helping employees to communicate in a clear, consistent way, our brand is the bedrock of One Global Foundation.

We sent a preliminary brand survey to 30 people in the India Office. The goal was to gain early insights on both most used brand touchpoints as well as reputation, these are some of the responses we received from employees.


( 1 ) Currently seen as an “outsider”

( 2 ) Confusion of our purpose and mission

( 3 ) There is a lack of transparency of what we do
( 4 ) Data is critical in showing progress but not everything
( 5 ) The name BMGF is hard to pronounce
( 6 ) There is an occasional lack of trust for the foundation in India
( 7 ) Partnerships are key
( 8 ) The brand of Bill & Melinda is strong

( 1 ) Showcase global to local (insider) partnerships

( 2 ) Strong global narrative tuned regionally

( 3 ) Show specific examples of our work

( 4 ) Balance of data & human (head and the heart)

( 5 ) Develop a regionally tuned naming system

( 6 ) Trust is earned over time

( 7 ) When to take credit and when to take a backseat

( 8 ) How can their voices help explain the work we do
Brand Recognition
The brand of Bill continues to be the most globally recognized. Melinda’s brand is rapidly growing while the BMGF is largely associated with and dwarfed by the brand of Bill and Melinda.

The foundation interacts with their audiences through a multitude of touchpoints. By having a holistic understanding of these touchpoints, the brand is able to communicate in a consistent and appropriate manner.