About the Organization

Pomelo is a workplace wellness company that uses food to inspire change. Pomelo has the privilege of offering companies some of the most beautiful food on the planet: seasonal, local, sustainable, fresh from the farm food.

Food that is sold directly to people by the farmers that grew it. It was important to showcase their organic and hand-touched tone through their branding, so conducting a deep understanding of their company was a necessity.

Developing Pomelo’s brand by doing a deep dive into understanding who they are as a company and identifying their positioning.  

The Problem

Pomelo works with large fortune 500 companies such as Google, Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their approach to brand storytelling was difficult to tell because though they want to come off professional, their story is very much hand-touched, organic and playful. Creating a logo that was both professional, as well as hand-touched was the beginning of solving the design problem.


Identifying Pomelo’s brand positioning.
Tonal Territories

We first started our approach by identifying Pomelo’s three tonal territories; change, current, and vibrant. From their we identified what type of change they were, what type of current and what vibrant looked like and felt like. Through a deep discovery and interrogation, we started to understand how to establish their brand as both professional and fun.

Final Logo for Pomelo comes from their handtouched, approachable, and organic vibe. A handwritten wordmark illustrates their collaborative and community driven mission.
This foundation provided us with a foundation to create a logo that was both professional and hand-touched.

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Tonal Territories

Final Moodboard

Final Logo

Pomelo’s final logo went through three rounds of iterations and changes. Some of the most noteable were small adjustments to the “o” which originally were more oval and to mimick the shape of a pomelo, we made them more round. To create even space, the “m” was orginally very narrow and to create a sense of warmth and rest, we made it wider to better establish balance within the hand drawn wordmark.

Marketing Events

Farm Party to collaborations with Left Bank.
Harry’s Fine Foods & Juicebox Cafe

Farm Party was the first marketing event Pomelo hosted. As their brand strategist it was important to create a strong social presence, event campaign and marketing collateral for the event.

It was important to both Pomelo and I to highlight the farmers present at the event and let the guests read about where their meal was coming from in a beautiful, well designed way.
Because this was a food focused event and there was a lot of information to give the guests, it was important that we created and easy to hold paper bundle of information as a takeaway they could leave with after the party.