We navigate the world through our senses. Sensory Magazine speaks to our curiosities and is driven by how we discover the world.

︎ 2019 American Advertising
Award Winner


This issue of Sensory is all about memories. For many, a magazine is something that is tossed away or left on the shelf forgotten about. My challenge was to create a magazine that served a larger purpose, that integrated more ideas into it than just providing stories.

I wanted to use design to enhance the readers experience and incorporate the senses so that the reader would feel something when engaging with Sensory Magazine.Through rich storytelling, playful type, and dynamic layout, Sensory Magazine will elevate your senses.


Developed around the idea of multi-sensorial design, Sensory approaches its subject matter by thinking about all the ways, we as people, interact with the world. All of our senses have the ability to deliver a poignant impression on the world and one another. In life, however, we rarely stop to focus on individual sensory engagements.

Our human senses help us make sense of our surroundings. When you build new experiences from the ground up, one sense at a time, you can reach beyond simple aesthetics to make impact on cognitive and emotional levels.
Aimed to connect people from all around the world, Sensory magazine is for people who consider themselves curious about why we feel impacted by our senses. For those learners of the world, Sensory magazine’s mission is to prompt conversation, to enhance our humanity, and to promote a quality of life through creative awakening. This magazine connects people by acknowledging the things we have in common by connecting to a global community. 

It’s our multi-sensory impression of something that dictates how we feel about it. Sensory Magazine keeps all five senses in mind.
Consider each of the senses individually, light, acoustics, aroma, and appetite can be used to influence behavior within an environment. Principles of colour theory tell us that warm colours focus attention outward while cool hues lend themselves to introspective activities.
Scents can leave us feeling calm, invigorated, or simply refreshed. The scale of a room along with its perceived brightness and colour temperature of light can have dramatic effects on the volume and level of speech between people.

Texture and surface characteristics can impart a sense of swift efficiency or luxurious leisure. Even our sense of taste has a role to play. Sensory magazine takes into account all of the senses, and in turn, delivers a connected experience.
Design / Art direction: Jessica Vachon Design
Publishing house: Self — Published