A Story About Designu:

The blank page. Every creative has experienced this phenomenon and feared it. The unavoidable truth is that creative blocks are inevitable. We live in a time when inspiration is just a click away and while Pinterest is flooding with new inspiration at every refresh, it remains to be a designers best friend, and worst enemy. Our job as designers is to problem solve for others with empathy, but it’s easy to become forgetful of who we are designing for by the distractions that surround us.

If we forget to ask the right question about our project’s audience, our solutions might be heavily weighted with bias that comes from our own assumptions. If you’re struggling to generate ideas in the first place, you’re probably asking yourself the wrong questions, but how does one know what the right questions are the ask?

With designū our goal is to push designers to find solutions by focusing on the needs and wants of their intended audience. Better yet, designū does this without the use of a screen. By focusing on the guidelines of design and the audience of a given project.

designū is an imaginative and approachable tool to help designers apply innovative problem solving methods & generate new ideas.

The Problem

What do you do as a designer when you get stuck in a creative rut?

How do you identify what isn’t working when designing for your audience?
The Solution

designu is a game of truth or dare that integrates human centered design thinking by asking the user a series of questions to assess their approach to a solution or prompt exercises to push the designer to take a new approach.
Dare cards prompt the user to break out of their routine and try a design exercise to help get new ideas and truth cards ask the hard-hitting questions every designer needs to ask themselves.
User Surverying: 
We surveyed over 100 designers and found that they are open to trying a new tool to help them with design. After putting together our research from our interviews and surveys, we formulated three user personas that aligned to the needs and wants of the desingu user.

User Survey Results: 
︎ 36% use online inspiration to get themselves out of a rut
︎ 15% print out their work and hang it on the wall to analyze

︎ 10% pushes pixels around until something clicks
︎ 70% regardless of what technique people used, they found that it only works sometimes.

︎ 63% are open to using a tool to help them improve their design process.

Guidelines For Creating Questions

︎ It’s all about the structure of the session
︎ Time box yourself. Limit your brainstorming session to 5 minutes.

︎ Use sticky notes. It keeps things organized and it’s easy to add and discard of information.

︎ Quantity over quality

︎ Give yourself an hour, 5 prompts, 5 min per prompt, 3 mins of sharing after each prompt.

︎ The prompt needs to be worded right, open-ended but also directed.

︎ No filters on what is possible.

︎ Share out an idea right away, active conversation.

︎ Have a reflection at the end about the session.

︎ Put stickers on what are each person’s favorite ideas.